The Garden is Open :
Tuesday - Sunday 9am-5pm and for special events (Tickets Required)



Water is a focal point in the Garden. According to our landscape architect Raymond Jungles, the element of water is significant because it “brings the sky into the Garden, animates the space, reflects the landscape, and cools the areas directly around the buildings. Water magnifies the Garden’s sense of scale.”

Immediately outside the offices is a refurbished circular fountain designed by Morris Lapidus. Beyond the fountain is the main pond with a cascading oolite fountain and flowering water lilies. The adjoining wetland contains Red mangroves (Rhizophora mangle), Pond apple trees (Annona glabra), and other water loving plants. During the day you can see dragonflies, butterflies, koi, ciclids and a happy, smaller pond of turtles which are able to dig and nest outside the water.