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Health and Wellness

Om Garden - Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation class

The sanskrit word Vinyasa can be loosely translated “to place in a special/sacred way.” We focus on the breath throughout the entire class and pay close attention to matching our movements to it. Through the breath we can begin to find presence and balance in order to create space within our body. We will focus on intelligent alignment for each individual’s body, and move through traditional postures while receiving lots of hands on adjustments. After savasana, we will practice ancient yogic breathing exercises that are generally used to help prepare the mind for meditation.

Guided Meditation and Pranayama - A journey to balance

Be guided through ancient breathing techniques, known as Pranayama, that have been scientifically proven to help balance our nervous system, improve our blood flow and circulation, and activate relaxation. Pranayama is the 4th of 8 limbs of yoga explained in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. It is said that practicing pranayama allows for individuals to prepare for stillness in a meditation practice. Join Franci every Sunday from 9:30 - 10am for a guided pranayama and meditation practice that will leave you feeling more centered. All levels are welcomed!

Sunday Garden Yoga

The Garden is the perfect place to connect with nature and tap into your infinite potential. Shake off the the stress of the work week and connect with your intention during our Sunday Garden Yoga. Each class is only $10. Donations benefit Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

About the instructor, Franci Blanco:
"In a world filled with constant stimuli, pulling us in several directions, Franci uses yoga to bring our awareness back to our bodies, which allows us to understand our core and move forward with more balance and clarity." 

Happy Hearts Fundraiser

Sunday May 7th, 8:30AM-12:30 PM at Miami Beach Botanical Garden. This is a fundraiser for Happy Hearts Yoga Project hosted by Happy Hearts Yoga. The Happy Hearts Yoga Project works to relieve stress and spread love with responsible philanthropy. With healthy bodies and happy hearts, the goal at The Happy Hearts Yoga Project is to engage with, educate, and give back to our community.If you'd like to join us on May 7th y but we want to welcome anyone interested. Just donate what you can and makes your 'heart happy.

Second Saturday Seminar Honey Bees of Florida and Honey Sale with Bunch Farms

Second Saturday Seminar. Saturday June 10, 2017. 10AM-12 NOON. Join us for a free horticulture seminar on Florida honey bees presented by Bush Farms. Inese will present a informative seminar on the unique qualities of honey bees of South Florida, and an introduction to beelkeeping. There will be a demo hive at the presentation. The seminar wll be followed by a honey sale from Bunch Farms. "Diverse nectar sources are responsible for the variety in taste and color of our delicious honey.

Corporate Sponsors

Our sponsors help to keep our beautiful gardens operating. If you are interested in becoming one of our corporate sponsors, click here for information.


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What's in Bloom

Spanish Shawl
Scientific Name: Heterocentron elegans
Common Name: Spanish Shawl