The Garden is Open :
Tuesday - Sunday 9am-5pm and for special events


Palms are and have always been a symbol of the tropics. Here in our garden, it only stands to reason that these princes of the plant world would be a main staple of our collection. Miami Beach Botanical Garden currently has over 100 species represented in the garden with many more, growing in our nursery, to be planted.

Some of the most opulent and impressive specimens reside in the north eastern corner of the garden, affectionately known as Copernicia corner. From the Copernicia baileyana, that is an original planting, back when the garden first came to be—to the recently acquired blue form of Copernicia rigida, you will find a world class collection of tropical and Caribbean palms thriving here and throughout the rest of our modest botanical garden.

See our full list of palms here.