We’re very scrappy…

The Garden is Open:
Tuesday - Sunday 9am-5pm and for special events

Composting is the concept of taking organic materials such as food scraps and leaves and turning them into a rich soil amendment (compost) using four basic ingredients: nitrogen, carbon, water and air. We believe composting is a practice that brings the community together, as it has here since 2016. It is full of environmental benefits focused on reducing waste pollution, while creating a valuable resource. We use the finished product to organically feed our plants and minimize the usage of conventional fertilizer and have available to the community to do the same. Our hub is full of life, a mini ecosystem in the Garden. We hold regular workshops where you can learn how to compost hands on. Volunteers are accepted to help turn and manage the piles, please e-mail for more information.Our community compost program accepts food scraps from residents/single family households. There is signage to show where to drop off and explain the 4 different stages of our system.



What is accepted: Fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, egg shells, small amounts of shredded paper.

Not Accepted: Meat/fish, dairy, fats/grease, landscape waste.

Location: Just inside our staff entrance in the 19th Street parking lot, to the right. SW corner of the Garden, behind the Native Garden.

Drop off hours: Garden hours of operation, Tuesday-Sunday 9am-5pm.

New compost hub on 85th Street and Collins Ave.  Drop off – 24/7 with residential code.  

Register here to get the code:

Finished compost is available for purchase in the Botanical Boutique and Garden Center.