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Spring has sprung in the Garden: birds and bees and flowers in the trees! It’s rather lyrical but true.
We welcome spring with a fresh new look for our online presence, matching the theme of natural and physical rejuvenation all around us.

Winter has been a season of odds. We have been managing with the construction project across the street when it hit full speed ahead on the west side (our side) following Art Basel, thus closing Convention Center Drive.  It took a few weeks and some returned deliveries before UPS, FedEx and the USPS figured out how to get inside. (The best route is via Meridan Avenue off Dade Boulevard.)

 Fortunately, for us we have good neighbors who have adapted to our schedule of special events and we all look to the near future when Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a prominent entity in the newly enhanced Convention Center District.


Thankfully, visitors are consistently stopping in, our main events have been well attended, and the garden continues to flourish. We decided to embrace the construction mantra by using this time to reconstruct our website and add a blog. The blog will provide visitors, members and the community - or shall I say, not-yet members - an in-depth look at what the garden is offering, how to deal with our planting zone (10 1/2 B), environmental and sustainable practices you can adapt to your garden or balcony space, or creating the garden you dream of.  We will be sharing our best practices, green is good tips, and the many ways plants are the answer to a more beautiful, enjoyable world.


I invite you to enter our new contest, “Name our Blog.”  The winning entry will receive a one year family membership - your chance to be a part of Miami Beach’s tropical oasis on a more regular basis. Submit your blog names in the comments by the deadline of May 1, 2017

Enjoy the blog! Our staff and special guests have so much to share with you. Read on and come by. We are here to welcome you at the Garden - it is always growing.

Gratefully green,
Sandy Shapiro

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