In the Butterfly Rooms

The Garden is Open :
Tuesday- Sunday 9am-5pm and for special events (Tickets Required)

Current & Upcoming Events:
August 19 – October 7, 2021
Alexander Peters: In the Waking Hour
Alexander Peters, a resident of Miami Beach and principal dancer with the Miami City Ballet presents his first solo art exhibition, In the Waking Hour, at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. His foray into painting coincided with the departure of his husband to attend medical school in Philadelphia. Looking for a way to pass time in these newfound periods of solitude, he took up painting which filled a void and provided a new sense of artistic sustenance. Inspired by color and the materials at hand, Peters’ work develops over time, allowing the mediums to naturally create shapes, forms and textures through the layering of paint. Peters concedes that In the Waking Hour is entirely open to interpretation, but the title finds some correlation to where and when the work was created: his hybrid studio space and bedroom. In this environment, the first and last things he sees each day are the works-in-progress, almost like the sleep in between is where the work truly manifests.
October 8 – November 21
Paul Clemence: Garden Meditions
Inspired by Claude Monet’s masterful ability to capture the atmospheric quality of a place and his groundbreaking compositional experiments, “Paul Clemence: Garden Meditations” will invite the viewers to immerse themselves in the balancing qualities found in a garden, that more-than-ever needed moment of tranquility. In Monet’s words, moments of a “peaceful refuge.” Paul Clemence is an American-Brazilian visual artist working mainly in photography and video. Educated as an architect, his photography explores the subjective ways we relate to the built and natural environment, creating expressive images that are often informed by unique (and natural) light moments, thus giving the work a temporal experience character. His artwork has been featured at Venice Biennale, ArtBasel/Design Miami, Fuori Salone Milan, NYCxDesign, WantedDesign, and galleries and film festivals worldwide, and is in many private and public collections.
Past Events:
June 24 – August 15, 2021
Inna Malostovker: Little Lizard Love
Lizard Love is a photography exhibit by the Miami-based artist Inna Malostovker. Her interest in lizards started when she first took a close-up portrait and was able to see their unique charm which led to years of following these little critters and documenting their world. They are fun to observe, and Inna wants to show the beauty of these fascinating creatures with her photographs. Prints and coloring book are available for purchase.
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